LAO GAN MA Chilli Crisp 280g


Chinese traditional chilli filled to the brim with dried, crispy chillies. Ready to eat or use as cooking sauce. Serve with rice or noodles.

Lao Gan Ma Is the Best Chili Sauce and Oil: 2018 Review – NYMag

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Old Godmother? (Lao Gan Ma) is a household name in China. Anyone who frequents Chinese restaurants or supermarkets is familiar with the brand of chili sauces that has been made in China since the 1990s? known for the little portrait of a Chinese woman on its label. The sauce is perfect for any type of cooking or can be eaten directly out of the bottle (like A-Mart’s founders do).

Note:?The date printed on the bottle is the production date and the product has an 18 month shelf life.


Lao Gan Ma

Dietary Requirements

Halaal-Friendly, Vegetarian

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