CALPIS Water Non-Carbonated Milky Soft Drink 335ml


Calpis, or Calpico as it’s known in America, is a unique soft-drink inspired by cultured milk. It has a super sweet taste with a slightly tart effect, and it has many notable benefits for digestive health.

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9 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Calpis (or Calpico)

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It was discovered by a Japanese business man, Kaiun Mishima, who was living in China toward the beginning of the 1900’s. There he drank a beverage that was consumed daily by Mongolian nomads, a type of cultured milk. To this businessman it looked like nothing more than a strange rotting milk, and technically he wasn’t too far off. But the thing that really impressed him was that his aching stomach, which he could find no cure for, was suddenly ok. The tasty but odd looking Mongolian drink had magically fixed it.

After several years of working in China he returned to Japan, intent on starting a business based on the unique Mongolian beverage he’d tried. And that’s how Calpis was born.

So we know how Calpis was inspired, but what is it exactly?

There are three basic things in Calpis: water, milk, and lactic acid. Lactid acid is a very important chemical compound, and it’s necessary for many biological processes in the human body.



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